"...strong, passionate yet gentle, rich and intricate, dynamic, exciting, ..."

"2006-01 is a terrific album that can be used at your next party or when you take the next cross country jaunt."



January 1, 2006 -- Antherius releases debut album entitled '2006-01.'


And welcome to my ambitious musical venture that has come to be known as the "Antherius" project. The past 18 months have been quite an interesting ride in my limited spare time, to convert the various beats and musical phrases that frequently pop in my head to actual compositions -- and via a lot of new equipment and software tools. I've had the desire to compose synthesized music for many years now; however, in my case (which is someone with a musical ear and mind, but with very limited performance skills) had to wait until technology could advance and otherwise bridge the weaker aspects of my abilities. These initial instrumental compositions represent my progress to date.

So, of course I am wondering who (and what, when, and where) might like some of this stuff, and how this will impact the content of my future work. Surely there is a common ground somewhere -- of what I can uniquely create that intersects with what a reasonable number of people would like to listen to (and be good enough for folks to add to their music collection). I invite you to listen and then to share your thoughts and suggestions with me via my blog at myspace.com. I would like to thank you in advance for your time in "lending me your ear."

Focusing on (aka "branding myself to") one or two specific genres is a bit difficult for me, as I enjoy quite a wide range of musical works. While most of the selections on 2006-01 can be classified as "Instrumental Rock" or "Instrumental Pop," there are a few selections that venture off this path into what could be described as "Techno" or "New Age" or perhaps even "House." Again, let me know what you think...

Kind regards,


This debut album is dedicated to the life and memory of my mother, Dolores Wactor Reynal, who left us quite unexpectedly on December 24, 2005. I could always count on her for many things, including listening to me bang around on the keyboards in the days of my youth -- but most of all for supporting all of my various and unpredictable endeavors during the many wonderful years we had together.



Photography: Ashley Reynal
Engineering counsel: Thomas J. Reynal (Dad)
Legal counsel: Bain & Bain (esq's. - Houston)

Special thanks to:

The team at the Guitar Shop (Westheimer Store - Houston), for their patience and providing the majority of my gear; Yamaha Corp. for the best sound modules I've ever owned (since my DX-7 going back to 1986); Rick Akrie for inspiration and advice; Heavenly Music (U.K.) for my starter MIDI clip library; Scott Garrigus for my sequencing, mixing, and mastering tips; the support team at Cakewalk during my SONAR sequencing education; the support team at Creative - EMU; Dana White at Specialized Mastering for imparting his advise and expertise to my premier mastering endeavor; Jon Flanagan and his team for handling my radio promotion; and all my family and friends who gave me constructive feedback and advice during this fun and interesting journey.