"...harkening back to the days of Kraftwerk, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis, and Jan Hammer"

"Damn well produced music"

"Think Harold Faltermayer's 'Axel F' meets Herbie Hancock's 'Rockit'..."

"...compositions exhibit a complacent cheeriness that can be quite infectious..."

"...lush sound, soaring melodies and production as smooth as glass..."



March 25, 2008 -- Antherius releases second album entitled '2008-03.'

Dear friend,

Time always flies by quicker that I would like -- I had expected this second album to have been wrapped up a year before now, but I am equally pleased it didn't take any longer than it did to complete. 2008-03 represents my progress during the last two years. The songs are all originals (composed by yours truly) but with more acoustic and electric guitar instrumentation. The recordings are familiar with a couple more 'easy/chilled' tracks than 2006-01. I truly do not have any form of strategy for what is included in these 'original' albums (albums entitled YYYY-MM) -- the songs in this collection are simply those that had progressed from a simple melody to a completed work before the others. Since 2006-01 was released, I have spent a higher percentage of my time refining my work practice within the mixing and mastering aspects, and feel I have made material progress in those steps. I hope you are pleased with a majority of these songs, and I invite you to post your comments at my myspace.com blog. Your participation will indeed influence the direction of my next album (and yes, that one is already underway)!

Kind regards,



Early critique of album: Bryon Heineman, Jeff Howard, Rick Akrie
Legal counsel: Bain & Bain (esq's. - Houston)
Management: Eugene Foley
Radio Promotion: Tom Mazzetta and Amanda Alexandrakis
Photography: Ashley Reynal

Liner notes: w.r.t. my musical ambitions, i am very appreciative of: mom & dad; 1960ís the british invasion; the beatles; transistor radios and kilt 610 (houston) late at night; hammond organs; the grass roots; my stubbornness; the moody blues; 1970ís my group of closest friends growing up; kraftwerk; e.l.o.; tenure at KAMU-FM, KUHF-FM; genesis; boz scaggs; spyro gyra; 1980ís the ibm pc and microsoft; tim walker; MTV early on; midi; evanís music city; yamaha; pascal compilers; chris spheeris; 1990ís the ip stack; enya; sting; abb; my european friends and their perspectives on music & life; mpg (group 3) compression; 100g hdís; tangerine dream; joe lychner; cool edit; napster; jan hammer; 2000ís multi-timbral sound generators; intel 3ghz p4 processors; aspentech; affordable stuff; rick akrie; heavenly music u.k.; cakewalk; e-mu; the guitar center; roland; dana white; jon flanagan; jeff howard; brian lipski; cdbaby; tower records (r.i.p.); amazon.com; itunes; all the technical folks behind the scenes (that develop dspís, related chipsets, hardware assemblies, firmware, software, synthesis algorithms, patches, vstís, sequencers, digital editing tools, etc); my kiddos (ashley & wes); and for any and everyone else who took time to listen and/or had a hand in helping me advance my music... peace, @